With each season brings a slightly different skin care routine. But one that is constant no matter the time of year is moisturization and hydration.

For most of my itiba family, winter is here and with it the cold, moisture sapping winds from the North. Now is the time that you want to make sure that you hold on to every piece of moisture you can. A regular lotion just won’t cut it during this time of the year. Even here in the warm tropics, we still experience cold winds that can sap that luscious moisture out of my skin. So my skin care routine switches up a but during this time. Butters and oils help during this time of year to keep your skin feeling happy and healthy. You want something that will protect the skin from the cold winds and from moisture loss while imparting moisture to the skin and still allowing it to breathe. There are many natural products that can work and my goto ingredient is either mango butter or shea butter, depending on the level of cold weather I am dealing with I will use shea butter as i find it offers me the extra level of protection that I need. But mango butter is great for the weather here and where you are not dealing with very cold temps.

Another thing that I also incorporate into my skin care routine is an exfoliation. You may think that now you should not be doing that, but it actually helps the skin to stay healthy. One year I traveled to NYC during February. When I returned home, I noticed my skin was very ashy and peeling and actually looked burnt. I am a warm weather girl and the extreme change in temperature had negatively affected my skin. So I did an exfoliation to get rid of the dead, dry skin and made sure I followed up with a light moisturizing lotion.

Great to use during the winter to help get rid of dry, flaky skin and add a moisture protection barrier.

What do you do differently during the winter to protect your skin? Thank you for incorporating our products into your skincare routine 😉