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Alive with the spirit of the islands, created from the healing power of nature and nurturing heart of a mother.


Nature in fullness; a post Maria post


    We are two weeks removed from Maria. Two weeks from the way life used to be. In the aftermath of those Category 5 winds we have all seen images of the destruction that nature can bring.…

#ShopCaribbean #CaribbeanLookBook

Beauty, Events, Products, Skin care

Fashion is nothing without beauty and this week in London, the first ever Caribbean pop up shop featuring the best Caribbean fashion designers and of course the best in Caribbean natural skin care will be at @choolipsstudio Friday,…

“31 Days of Black Beauty” with Essence Magazine


Did you know that our Carib Lime Body Polish made it into the August issue of Essence magazine? If you don’t have your copy, go and find one or check them out online and see what they had…

Antibacterial Agents and Microbeads are OUT! Natural and Healthier are IN!!


Earlier this year President Obama issued a ban on all microbeads (tiny plastics that are used as an exfoliant in cosmetics products) in cosmetic formulations. The US ban is to begin taking effect between the beginning to middle…

Summer Time Fine with itiba Beauty

Beauty, Products, Skin care

Summer time is finally here and itiba has everything you need to maintain flawless, glowing skin in the season’s heat and be summer time fine! One of the biggest concerns for many during this steamy season is the…

Summer is coming…exfoliation made simple.

Beauty, Skin care

As part of a project that I have been working on for some months now, where I have experts in their respective fields speak to you about skin care, we are continuing our discussion on exfoliation and today…

Summer. Zika. Skin. pt. 2

Beauty, Products, Skin care

Is there ONE essential oil that will keep away the sting of the dreaded mosquito? The short answer is no. But using a combination of essential oils that have been shown historically through time to be effective deterrents…

Did you know…

Beauty, Products, Skin care

HAPPY FRIDAY FAMILY!! ‪#‎DidYouKnow‬ that you can reduce the amount of breakouts on your face by simply NOT touching your face all the time? Our hands touch EVERYTHING and by proxy, so does our face. Practice using a…

Hot, Cold and Hot again.

Beauty, Products, Skin care

One thing I learned while being in NYC last week was that the cold is NOT friendly,:/ So I made a daily regimen of using a serum as soon as I got out the shower followed by one…

Green Papaya and you ;-)

Beauty, Products, Skin care

Did you know that Papaya, green Papaya that is, is great for the skin? Papaya (carica papaya) is a wonderful fruit that is great when ripe as a sweet treat or green to be used in stews. But…