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About Itiba

“My children and grandchildren are still the first ones to test any and all products, and if for any reason one of them has an issue with the products, then it is scrapped. If they cannot use it, then I will not make it – it’s as simple as that.” – Yoki Hanley

Yoki’s commitment to using natural, minimally processed and/or unrefined butters and oils blended into the best unisex skincare products to come out of St. Croix is driven by her purpose to produce a unifying range of products for all skin types regardless of the color of their skin and the shape of their body –phthalate free, mineral oil free, silicone oil free and paraben free.

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Lotions, body wash, creams and oils to deliver a bounty of fresh botanicals straight to your shower or bath.

At itiba, we strive to bring you the ABSOLUTE best in natural skin care. All products are handmade on St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Our location allows us to be close to the Earth and the plants that we use to create these wonderful, luxurious products. You will find only the best natural, vegetable oils in itiba’s products. We use no animal products that result in loss of life, no fillers and the products do not contain parabens or formaldehyde donors. Only the richness of Mother Earth can be found in our lotions, bath soaps, body polishes and body butters. Our lotions are made with 100% Aloe Vera juice with the rich, natural oils of Avocado, known for its conditioning and softening abilities, Jojoba, a liquid wax that mimics our own sebum and helps skin stay supple and Rice Bran which is known for its inherent ultraviolet protection as well as having the highest level of omega fatty acids of any vegetable oil. Only natural colorants and conditioning oils and butters are used for the cold processed soaps. Coconut and Palm oils for its cleansing and lathering abilities and a healthy dose of Unrefined Shea Butter, Castor and Sunflower oil for its conditioning effects.

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Itiba offers a line of all-natural skincare products that can be used by all skin types, all skin sizes and all skin colors. All Itiba products are handcrafted on St. Croix of the finest local plants, fruits and essential oils, with no fillers, parabens or animal products.

We Offer 6 Nourishing Skin Care Products in 7 engaging botanical unisex scents blended with the spirit of the islands creating a journey for the senses. Inspired by and for memorable moments.

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I use my knowledge of traditional herbs, natural remedies, and local Caribbean plants and fruits to heal my family through the art of ‘picking bush.’

Best product I have found & fallen in love with! Im a 4th generation St Croix “Crucian” living in Nashville. Itiba products make my skin look amazing & brings my senses to life! I smell like an exotic tropical Queen — and have stopped using my favorite perfume “Coco Channel ” after 30 years! Itiba is fantastic !

Angela de Lugo, Founder of Tropic Heat Studios, Inc.