Sometimes, you get that little something in the pit of your stomach that tells you not to go there or to do that thing. For me, sometimes, I will just be procrastinating a little too long with something and wondering why I can’t make up my mind. Well it is that “spirit” within me that is always counseling me and it is just waiting for me to catch up to its warning or advocacy. We all have that voice, that something within us that will warn us when danger is near or tell us NOW is the time to move or to act. And usually when you don’t listen to it, you almost immediately regret not listening to your inner SELF!

Let me remind you how important it is to nurture that inner voice. Pay respect to it and above all LISTEN to when that spirit tells you to act or not to act. It will save you so much in the long run. And how you nurture that spirit is by practicing self care. You cannot give from an empty cup…and that includes giving to yourself as well. So take the time out of the day to meditate, do some yoga, to still your mind and listen intently to your inner self. I recently started with meditating and I am finding it a great way to begin with my self care and self healing (because we ALL have a little healing we need to do). Scent for me is also a very important part of calming my mind and I am ALWAYS drawn to the warm, spicy, earthy notes of Crucian Spice  Something about the scent of the Turmeric blended with the exotic notes of the myrrh and the calming lavender and rosewood and the hint of spice with the black pepper always helps me to focus and sets me in the right mood to begin my guided meditations.

What are some of your self care rituals?