Sometimes you may not want to do a scrub or you are just looking for something different to do. You know you still need to exfoliate, but you just don’t want to have to deal with the oils, butters, sugar, salt, or whatever! Well, let me tell you, or should I say remind you, about DRY BRUSHING! To Dry Brush is a treat you won’t soon forget. You can do this pretty quickly and is something I definitely recommend you working into your skincare routine. Once you have, you will wonder why you never did it before!

Silky smooth skin always includes our Mango skincare line

What you will need is a good quality body brush, made using quality and sustainable wood and natural bristles. The natural bristles are gentler on the skin and will reduce the risk of micro tears to the skin. And of course, about 10-15 minutes if this is your first time. Once you have done this a couple of times, you can bring the time down to maybe even five minutes. But the extra time is well worth it!

Dry Brushing is done to the ENTIRE body and once done properly will literally leave you glowing! This is best done just before your shower or bath as this is also another great way to exfoliate.

  • Brushing activates the pores in the skin to remove waste materials
  • Brushing increases and stimulates blood circulation.
  • Brushing revitalizes and increases the capacity of the skin to eliminate toxins from the system.
  • Brushing stimulates hormone function – especially the oil producing glands. By keeping the pores open, the skin is better able to retain its natural oils.

A good dry brush will take 10-15 minutes to perform. And you want to start from the extremities and work your way towards the heart. This helps with the lymphatic flow in the body. When starting from the feet or hands, you are going to gently, but firmly, start brushing in an upwards motion towards your heart. You start from your toes/fingers and begin brushing upwards towards your hips/shoulders. When  you are dry brushing your back, do so with circular motions towards the heart. The same with the stomach and chest. After you have finished, your skin will feel alive! But you’re not finished yet. Next, you are going to wash away all the dead skin cells you just released from your body. Taking a shower with any of our soaps will help remove those dead cells cleanly!

Here is the best part to me. I like to apply one of my hair & body serums right onto my damp skin! I will take the time and rub the serum in the same manner that I did the dry brushing , also helping to stimulate that lymphatic system and massage the muscles. Which oils you choose is a matter of how you want to feel afterwards. I like Carib Lime for that fresh, clean feeling and the essential oil citrus blend gives me just the right amount of boost to tackle the day. Carib Lime is also great to help balance out oily skin. If I am feeling a little sexy, then it is definitely the MidNite Rain that gets applied. To relax, I LOVE the Crucian Spice one for that. Also, the Turmeric essential oil helps with any scars I may have and to help balance out the skin tone. And Mango is just perfect no matter what the mood!! This will leave your skin feeling silky smooth and glowing!


If you don’t want to do the serums on damp skin, that is no problem. Towel dry and you can apply either of the serums or the whipped body butters right afterward. Your skin will thank you so much for that bit of moisture!