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Seven Intoxicating Botanical Scents

This exotic scent that infuses local limes, lemongrass, and citrus essences is soothing and refreshing, like a warm ray of Caribbean sunshine.

I wanted something bright. I also needed something that would help to keep the mosquitoes and other pesky, biting critters away from myself and my children. My children have very sensitive skin to being bit by mosquitoes was a NO NO! I wanted something that worked and did not smell medicinal or harsh. I love lemongrass and I LOVE lime so I knew those would be in it. And I just worked on the rest to make sure that I could have a bright, fun, functional fragrance.

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Sensual and enchanting as a walk in a Caribbean tropical forest, with earthy hints of nutmeg, clove, and rosewood.

Crucian Spice was originally intended to be my itiba signature fragrance. This one was created after my husband passed. But, as things do, it changed. The name changed as well from itiba to Crucian Spice. I wanted something that was reflective of St. Croix but yet universal to the entire Caribbean as well.

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Like a warming comfort food for the skin, this tempting mix of brown sugar, Crucian wildflower honey blended with coconut and avocado oil is both sweet and intoxicating.

These words are the best way to describe Kaya. Warm. Exotic. Sweet. Comforting. I love the smell of brown sugar and local Crucian wildflower honey as it reminds me of the delicious aromas filling our family home at breakfast time. So I decided to combine their warm sweetness to the exotic and rich notes of Frankincense, Myrrh and the calming notes of Lavender and Chamomile. Now I can’t help but smile every time I make Kaya.

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As refreshing as a slice of succulent papaya and mango while relaxing in the afternoon Caribbean sun.

Mango became a part of the itiba line quite simply. My father grows about three different varieties of mangoes. One summer, we had an excess of mangoes. So much so that the ground was covered in mango. My father asked one day if there wasn’t something I could do with it. So I decided to take the flesh of the fruit and add it into soap. It was one of the best soaps I had ever made and still do! The sweet flesh makes a wonderfully soothing, moisturizing bar of soap. This became a summer time staple and so popular that the butter ended up being sold year round.

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Awaken the senses like a midnight rain on a warm Caribbean evening. A soothing, sensual blend of ylang ylang, geranium, and lavender, with a hint of black pepper.

When my husband as alive, we used to go on drives throughout the island. We both LOVED the rainforest. One night, after a fairly light shower, it was a full moon, and you could smell the Earth, the dampness of the ground. The trees and animals were alive and you could almost hear them being grateful for the blessing of the rain (it was particularly hot that day). As we are driving with the windows down, I just smelled this fragrance that was so beautiful. It was sensual, light, it was musky. That combined with the fruit notes in the air led to an unbelievable scent cornucopia. I found out later it was the fragrance of the Night Blooming Jasmine that I smelled. So I worked on recreating the fragrance and with it the emotion of a very special, personal time with me and my late husband doing something that we both loved, exploring our island together.

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This refreshing blend of papaya, avocado oil, and light green essences is sweet and intoxicating.

Next to Mango, the Papaya is one that grows in abundance on St. Croix. It is also a favorite amongst many Crucians and Caribbean folk alike. I wanted to offer a piece of tropical sweetness different than what most may know.

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A subtle blend of woodsy vetiver extract with sweet ylang ylang and soothing lavender essences, like a delicate breeze off the Caribbean waters.

Lavender is a popular fragrance and I love it. I also love Ylang Ylang and wanted to find a way to combine each. The beach is where we all go in the islands for a myriad of reasons. The breeze that comes off the Caribbean Sea is both refreshing and calming; much like lavender and it invigorates just enough to get you moving.

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Six Nourishing Skin Care Products


Gentle enough for use on the face and the body, are soaps are 100% plant-based, cold-processed, and naturally infused with the subtle scents of the Caribbean.

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Creamy aloe-based lotions, rich in Vitamin B, avocado and pure essential oils, absorb quickly to moisturize and condition dry skin.

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Perfect for those extra dry areas (hands, feet, elbows), this rich, deeply penetrating cream is blended with raw Shea butter and other natural products to leave the skin silky smooth.

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Uniquely created with cornmeal—a traditional Caribbean remedy for scars and blemishes—with a butter-like consistency to gently exfoliate and condition the skin, leaving it ultra smooth and nourished.

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A nutrient-rich, anti-oxidizing serum blended with pure essential oils to enliven the senses and leave your skin silky-smooth and nourished. Use it on your hair and scalp to lock in moisture.

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A cooling, light moisturizing spray blended 100% with aloe vera and other essential oils to leave your skin energized, hydrated and supple. Also acts as a natural insect deterrent!

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