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Alive with the spirit of the islands, created from the healing power of nature and nurturing heart of a mother.

Awaken the senses like a midnight rain on a warm Caribbean evening. A soothing, sensual blend of ylang ylang, geranium, and lavender, with a hint of black pepper.

When my husband as alive, we used to go on drives throughout the island. We both LOVED the rainforest. One night, after a fairly light shower, it was a full moon, and you could smell the Earth, the dampness of the ground. The trees and animals were alive and you could almost hear them being grateful for the blessing of the rain (it was particularly hot that day). As we are driving with the windows down, I just smelled this fragrance that was so beautiful. It was sensual, light, it was musky. That combined with the fruit notes in the air led to an unbelievable scent cornucopia. I found out later it was the fragrance of the Night Blooming Jasmine that I smelled. So I worked on recreating the fragrance and with it the emotion of a very special, personal time with me and my late husband doing something that we both loved, exploring our island together.

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  • MidNite Rain Hair & Body Serum


    Light, non-greasy serum leaves skin with healthy, natural glow, hair with a smooth sheen, and revitalizes the senses like a cooling midnight shower.

    • Made with almond & avocado oils
    • Penetrates deeply, absorbs quickly
    • Intense booster for skin & scalp
    • Subtle, sexy scent
    • Leaves you refreshed, invigorated


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  • MidNite Rain Body Soap


    A wonderful detoxifier, yet gentle enough to use on the face, with an exotic tropical scent as relaxing and refreshing as a warm midnight rain.

    • No synthetic detergents or harsh chemicals
    • Perfect for daily use
    • Cold-processed using minimally processed vegetable oils
    • Won’t strip the body’s natural oils
    • Activated Bamboo Charcoal for detoxifying


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  • MidNite Rain Lotion


    Conditions and smoothes the skin, while awakening the senses like a midnight rain on a warm Caribbean night.

    • Perfect for daily use
    • Aloe-based lotion, rich in Vitamin B
    • Moisturizes and conditions dry skin
    • Creamy, light weight, absorbs quickly


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