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Alive with the spirit of the islands, created from the healing power of nature and nurturing heart of a mother.

This exotic scent that infuses local limes, lemongrass, and citrus essences is soothing and refreshing, like a warm ray of Caribbean sunshine.

Yoki created this scent to be bright! She needed something to keep the mosquitoes and other pesky, biting critters away that was safe enough for the children, especially children with very sensitive skin. This scent was effective for her family and yet was not harsh or medicinal. Lemongrass and lime are grown on St. Croix and work well together so together they created the bright, fun, functional fragrance of itiba Carib Lime.

Lemon Eucalyptus, the main essential oils in our Carib Lime line, is used for preventing mosquito and deer tick bites; for treating muscle spasms, toenail fungus, and osteoarthritis and other joint pain. And it has also been used to help relieve chest congestion.

Lime essential oil, also one of the magnificent essential oils in our Carib Lime blend, is high in Vitamin C; works great to help clean deep down dirt in pores and treats acne; and can help with the blemishes associated with acne; helps to balance sebum production

Just one of the reasons Carib Lime comes with a dermatologist recommendation for its therapeutic properties. Try Carib Lime for its bright, citrus scent that wakes you and your skin up!

  • Carib Lime Group



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  • Carib Lime Body Spray

    , ,

    The invigorating citrus scent of this cooling moisturizing mist leaves you feeling fresh, revitalized, and energized.

    • Light moisturizing spray
    • Made with pure essential oils
    • Use anytime to refresh, recharge
    • Blended with nourishing aloe vera juice
    • Natural insect deterrent


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  • Carib Lime Hair & Body Serum


    This exotic blend of pure essential oils locks in moisture for silky smooth skin and shiny hair, with a refreshing scent that enlivens the senses.

    • Invigorating lime fragrance
    • Intense booster for skin & scalp
    • Made with almond & avocado oils
    • Penetrates deeply, absorbs quickly
    • Refreshing as a cool Caribbean cocktail


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  • Carib Lime Body Soap


    Made from 100% plant essences, this cleansing bar is ideal for oily and acne-prone skin, enlivens the senses.

    • Cold-processed without harsh detergents
    • Helps balance the skin’s natural oils
    • Gentle, non-drying
    • Revitalizing citrus scent
    • Blended with minimally processed vegetable oils


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  • Carib Lime Lotion


    Cooling and smoothing with an exhilarating scent blend of Caribbean limes and citrus to invigorate your senses.

    • Creamy, light weight, absorbs quickly
    • Aloe-based, rich in Vitamin B
    • 100% essential citrus oils
    • Moisturizes and conditions dry skin
    • Natural insect deterrent


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