We are two weeks removed from Maria. Two weeks from the way life used to be.

In the aftermath of those Category 5 winds we have all seen images of the destruction that nature can bring. We have been witness to the kind of power that can level buildings, disrupt all basic services and change lives.

We stand in awe.

Nature, however, has always been powerful. The same power that we harness for medicine and energy is the same force that reminds us periodically that it is not to be toyed with.
Our place in this world is to exist IN nature, not to control it.


At Itiba, our hearts go out to those affected by the hurricane, Maria spared no one. Although the island was battered from end to end, our original location, Frederiksted, was hit with an especially devastating force. We mourn the old normal, as we create something different and new.  

In reverence and humility, but also as a testimony to the strength of our community, we are happy to announce that our Christiansted location will be open for regular hours.
Please stop in, let us know you are well and know that we are here to serve our community in the best way we know how; to carry on.

Location: 54 King Street, Christiansted
Hours: 10am-2pm, Weekdays

Be well and take care of yourselves as well as each other!

Itiba Beauty