Greetings family! It has been some time since we’ve spoken and a lot has happened since then. We are still in the recovery phase since having to deal with two devastating category 5 hurricanes (Irma and Maria) back in September. The physical and economical landscape has changed and we are trying to settle into what is our “new normal”.  And as this holiday season gets into full gear, it is with hope and thanksgiving that we look towards all those who have helped us to reach this point and to those who will continue to help us as we rebuild and recreate our lives.

I myself was affected both personally and professionally from Irma and Maria and that left me with some choices to be made. Difficult ones, but made they were. But what made it an easier pill to swallow was the love and support that I received from YOU!! In times of disaster you are stripped to your barest self. You stand naked in front of the world as you try to gather your bearings and clear the debris and salvage what can be salvaged from what was left. And you look at what is important and what is needed to move on to the next stage.

As 2018 fast approaches, we begin to make plans as to what we can do to make life comfortable again; to make life familiar again. And you realize that it will not be familiar, but it can be comfortable :-). So look to new directions for itiba in the coming months and we will be taking a look at where we have come from and bringing those nuggets of information to our present to make our future even more bright (Sankofa principle in work 😉 ).

Remember to love one another but most especially to love yourself first. You can’t give from an empty cup. Take care of your self, treat yourself with love, kindness and understanding and you will see how much more easier it is to give that to others who will also need that. One love family!!

Compliments of the Season to you!