“It was easy to set Tocca to the side -for now and become a die-hard for itiba”
-Gregorie Guillaume, NY Beauty Editor, Examiner.com

“The cornmeal is way gentler on the skin than the brown sugar is. [I] Would even recommend this for my young [children] patients.”
-Dr. Carolyn Merritt, board certified dermatologist

“Itiba Beauty is one of the most uniquely crafted, indie skincare brands that I’ve ever sampled, and I can’t wait to order more.”
-Nicole Townsend, Jet Magazine

“By far the best! Best product I have found and fallen in love with!”
-Angela de Lugo, Founder of Tropic Heat Studios, Inc.

”Itiba Beauty is made with you in mind.”
-Fashion Affair Magazine

“This evening I indulged myself with the papaya soap and lotion. All I can say is delicious.”
-Sparkle Couture

“It’s like I’ve kissed my skin.”
-Patrice Grell Yursik–Afrobella

“Beautifully crafted body care line! A joy to use and the beautifying results are instant!.”
-Fiona Horne, 104.9 FM Radio

“The Best Skincare Product from the US Virgin Islands”