11377546_337849499672416_583685429_nSoap is by far the one product that just about all households use on a day-to-day basis. However, when it comes to your skin care, it is very important not to always purchase the cheapest or most popular soap. Did you know that most commercial soaps are filled with preservatives to increase shelf life and contain some of the very same ingredients you would find in the detergent you use to clean the dishes or clothing? Not so good at all. Now, on the other hand, natural, hand-made soaps are quite the opposite. Natural soaps avoid the harsh chemicals to ensure that your skin remains moisturized and clean safely. Parabens, which has been linked to Breast Cancer, can be found in regular, commercial soap, but not in the natural soap. Sodium lauryl Sulfate, a known skin irritant, can also be found in commercial soap, but not in Natural soap. Take a closer look at the production of hand-made, natural soaps, and you will see that the benefits are plentiful. Some have argued that natural soaps are too expensive and tend to “finish” quicker than the commercial soap, but of course! Good natural soap has no preservatives or harsh chemicals, does not leave a residue, retains the moisturizing glycerin that commercial soap companies remove, safe for your skin, great for the planet, and so much more. Do your own research and purchase wisely. #itibabeauty #AllNatural #soaps #ParabenFree #BeautifulSkin #EcoFriendly #HandMade #SkinCare #RadiantSkin #vegan #ecobeauty