Limes, Lemongrass

I needed something to stop my baby girl’s itchy skin and her cries. It took a minute for me to forgive out what the issue was, her sensitive skin, but once I DID find out that it was the “gentle” and “kind to the skin” products that I purchased for her. So, as a mother will always do, I sought for the answer, even if that meant I had to make it myself!

A little about me. I’m a bit nerdy. Always need to know how things worked. . I LOVE chemistry. And I’m from a line of Caribbean people who have ALWAYS gone to the Earth when matters of health. Beauty and food was an issue. I was born, raised and STILL live in the Caribbean. I grew up with my parents always using bush for one ailment or the other. Fruit trees in the yard so the summers were filled with clinging the trees for fresh fruits: mango, gooseberry, tamarind. We had an acerol cherry tree and plums in the yard. I learned to make gooseberry stew and limeaid was a staple in our home. When it came time to cook, it was as easy as walking out to the yard, picking the limes to wash the meat and walking a short distance to pick the seasonings for the meat: basil, scallions, thyme, Spanish oregano, rosemary.

Two whole mangoes and a sliced mango
Growing up I took for granted the multitudes of Aloe Vera patches my father had, the Fever grass (which I would later learn is called lemongrass), the “blaussam” (spearmint) and the other medicinal herbs we grew up drinking either as part of our morning tea or when we were sick. I HATED soursop as a child, but LOVED the sweet frozen drink that was made from the flesh of the soursop fruit, milk and sugar with a touch of vanilla or almond essence for flavor. Those same leaves from the soursop tree would be placed under the sheets when we suffered from fevers to help draw the fever from our bodies.

I grew up with a plethora of healing fruits, plants, herbs, flowers and took it all for granted…until my daughter was sick and needed help. So I returned to that time of my youth, when I had a closer connection to the Caribbean plants and flora of my childhood and researched to see which of these plants would be able to help my daughter and her sensitive skin issues. The answer was there. I just had to find it and create the product that would help her!

And so I did! I researched all of those herbs, fruits, flowers and plants that I grew up with to see what could help for the skin, for her skin in particular. It took me a few tries to get the right combinations and the right oils. But I eventually got it right. Collected some mangoes, some of the blaussam, coconut oils, palm oils had my lye and…voilà!

itiba natural healing plant based soaps

So now my soap was doing the trick for baby girl ♥️

The wheel bend an de story end…or is it 😉