Now that my beauty stash was depleted of yet it’s third Tocca Stella Italian Blood Orange Nourishing Body Scrub, it was time to find a worthy replacement and whoa, what a find I made…itiba Kaya Body Polish ($35,

Before I could give this product a thumbs up, it had to pass one litmus test – would the opposite sex react to it as favorably as they did ‘Tocca?’ When a cutie would touch my arm, the resounding comment was always, “wow your skin feels so soft…”

With the blend of Crucian Wildflower Honey, Brown Sugar, Shea Butter, Coconut and Avocado oils fragranced with the relaxing scents of Lavender and Chamomile all housed in a 12-ounce jar, it was easy to set Tocca to the side – for now and become a die-hard for itiba. The natural oils it contains leaves my skin unbelievably smooth and ready to be touched. ’Kaya’ is an especially fab product to use during the winter months since it is so moisturizing, while the fragrance sends you on a tropical vacation.

Thumbs up.

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