“My children and grandchildren are still the first ones to test any and all products, and if for any reason one of them has an issue with the products, then it is scrapped. If they cannot use it, then I will not make it –it’s as simple as that.”
–Yoki Hanley

Born and raised in the US Virgin Islands among the swaying palm trees, beautiful flowers, and the aromas of exotic fruits, creator -Yoki Hanley was schooled in a family long tradition of natural remedies and knowledge of local plants and fruits, each with its own medical properties. It was this knowledge that Yoki utilized to create Itiba Beauty; a product first created for her infant daughter, who had a very distressing skin sensitivity to commercial, mainstream soaps and other skin care products.

Yoki made her first soap with skin-loving oils like coconut, mango butter, lemongrass and lavender. After bathing her daughter with this soap for the first time, the change was dramatic –a tear free nightly bath and, for the first time since birth, a peaceful night’s sleep for mother and daughter. Yoki immediately knew she needed to share her knowledge with others and, over time, Itiba, as a collection of natural products, was born.

Yoki’s commitment to using natural, minimally processed and/or unrefined butters and oils blended into the best unisex skincare products to come out of St. Croix is driven by her purpose to produce a unifying range of products for all skin types regardless of the color of their skin and the shape of their body –phthalate free, mineral oil free, silicone oil free and paraben free.