Why do I use whole, simple ingredients?
Because that is how I grew up knowing to use the different herbs, fruits, roots and plants to help treat and heal. You respect what Mother Nature has given to you and She in turn helps you to stay healthy and beautiful.
I grew up knowing different plants did different things for our bodies.
Turmeric made a delicious curry, but it also helped with skin inflammation and evened out skin discoloration.
Nutmeg has always been one of my most favorite spices. It’s warm, calming scent made drinking a cup of hot cocoa (handmade cocoa) tea the best thing to wake up to in the morning. And like Turmeric, worked wonders with calming irritated, itchy skin.
Black Pepper, an integral part in Caribbean cooking, it lends its antioxidant powers to help protect damaged skin. And add a spice to life 😉
Combine those ingredients with Aloe Vera juice, Avocado oil and unrefined Shea butter and you have the love and knowledge of my Caribbean heritage combined to create a natural, plant based skincare line steeped with the ancestral and traditional knowledge of my ancestors to help you achieve gorgeous, glowing skin!
Crucian Spice.
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