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Alive with the spirit of the islands, created from the healing power of nature and nurturing heart of a mother.
  • Beard Balm

    A light, airy, whipped balm that will moisturize your beard or skin without leaving any heavy residue or greasy after feel. A new fragrance made with the scent of smoky vanilla, black pepper and tobacco this scent will definitely get their attention.


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  • Carib Lime Body Spray

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    The invigorating citrus scent of this cooling moisturizing mist leaves you feeling fresh, revitalized, and energized.

    • Light moisturizing spray
    • Made with pure essential oils
    • Use anytime to refresh, recharge
    • Blended with nourishing aloe vera juice
    • Natural insect deterrent

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  • Crucian Spice Body Butter

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    Deeply penetrating butter to soften and soothe skin and hair, with sensual, earthy scent notes as embracing as a tropical forest.

    • Blended with unrefined Shea butter
    • Subtle spicy undertones
    • Deeply conditions and moisturizes the skin
    • Rich, balm-like texture
    • Organic turmeric helps calm irritated skin


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