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Alive with the spirit of the islands, created from the healing power of nature and nurturing heart of a mother.

Welcome to our ITIBA FAMILY portion of the website!! What this section does is allow you to enroll in a monthly ship program that gives you great products at a discounted price shipped to you for FREE for one year. Right now we are starting out with 6 different packages for you to choose from. We select the scents. And then every month, that chosen package is shipped out to you automatically! The scent will change each month. If at any time you want to change the package, you just simply come back here and change and you will be billed for that package! And you can cancel at any time! So your first purchase will include the $20.00 which guarantees you FREE SHIPPING for one year while you are on the program! Then you pay the low monthly fee of the selected package. Simple and easy! Almost like a set it and forget kind of thing. Remember, you can cancel at any time, but we are hoping that you will love it and not only stay, but share it with your friends and family!

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